Eltechnika Ltd is the designer, manufacturer and implementor of quality furniture and high-grade interiors. Eltechnika is the developer of a technology which has resulted in award-winning products.

2000. Founding of the company.

2008. The team starts to investigate projection of light through wooden surfaces.

2009. The solution found is trademarked under the name "Jagorta".

Years of building knowledge and experience, the creativity and perfectionism of the work environment guarantee a successful result. We have provided numerous national and international, private and corporate companies with unique furniture as well as full fittings in various styles.

We are proud to say our products are raising awareness for both our company and Hungarian furniture manufacturing in a number of countries around the world: France, Ireland, England, Germany, Austria, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.


Those customers, who do not have the help of an interior designer or decorator, can confidently rely on the aid of our proficient and experienced professionals.

• Making the objectives of our customers' a priority, we strive to find the most up-to-date and ideal solutions

• We will help find the most functional and aesthetically pleasing outcomes

• We will help find the appropriate materials, surfaces and colours

• We will help find your way in the maze of furniture fittings, accessories and decorative pieces

• During the design process, we will ensure your new piece of furniture fits in perfectly with the existing ones.

• If necessary, we can also alter existing pieces to the new ones

• We will provide the mutually devised concept in a 3D rendering

• Elevations will ensure size, ratio and layout is verifiable

Let us design your dreams!

After years of hard work, the gained knowledge has helped our company to enhance technologies within the timber industry and also interior design, some of these developments have been internationally acclaimed. We would like to highlight our Jagorta and Wood Vision products - also the technology behind them - which have a trademark protection within the industry. The products first claimed success at exhibitions in London, then Branheim. In 2015, in Dubai, at the Index international interior design and unique furniture expo, we were the first ever Hungarian company to be awarded a grand prize. This definitely strengthened our company's reputation and mission, which is based on development, precision and quality.

Through a multi-layer system and the help of light, our technology allows wood to show its natural beauty. A wide variety of wood veneers, surface treatments and the fact that wood can be decorated in infinite motifs guarantees an inexhaustible pool of options during the design process.

The products crafted with these developments have been implemented by decorators, interior designers, architects and furniture manufacturers; aiding them in providing a greater value and a more unique experience with their services and products.


In May 2015, Eltechnika Ltd and its dubai partner, Fly Vision Ltd, partook in the Dubai Index International Design Exhibition. Over 2500 distinguished designers and manufacturers were present at the event. The exhibitors' work was judged by a team of seven international professionals. In the category of innovation, the judges awarded our company with the grand prize. We are tremendously proud that at the Dubai Index Exhibition, we were the first Hungarian timber industry product to achieve such international acclaim.

LovasLed Ltd.
Flyvision Trading LLC.
Stephen Clasper
Mariann Bíró
interior designer
What our clients say

Az első programunkon nem csak nekem, de a vendégek lélegzete is elállt, amikor egy Baliról jött táncművész előadása közben felkapcsoltam a mennyezeten lévő gyönyörű Jagorta lámpát. Fantasztikus hangulatot kölcsönzött az estnek. Nagyon hálás vagyok, hogy elkészítetétek. (A teremben hallottam ahogy a vendégek reagáltak: húúú, azta, de szép!!)

Kecskemét, Jóga Központ

The Illuminated wooden products of Eltechnika Kft. delivers a fascinating & breathtaking experience. A truly sensational art which will definitely shake up the interior design industry.


Komoly munka nagyon nagy figyelemmel a megrendelő igényei felé, nagyon tetszik a végtermék!

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